DIY Natural Shampoo

In this episode of “What did Jenn put on her hair now?”, we take a look at the DIY natural shampoo I made and have been using for the past couple of months!

I have always had a problem with with a flaky, itchy scalp; through my teenage years, it was a struggle to easily hide and manage the dandruff to avoid the “shoulder snow” I was sure I’d be ridiculed for. As an adult, I started thinking more about the health of my scalp and the products I’m putting on it.

For a long time, I tried a variety of different shampoos, but stuff wasn’t working for me anymore:

  • The tea tree shampoos had so many chemicals that the tea tree barely covered up the gross scent of the shampoo (and didn’t really seem to help anyway).
  • My scalp seemed to be adapting to the typical Head and Shoulders I had been using for so long, so that it wasn’t really helping to get rid of dandruff, but only limiting it from getting worse.
  • And the “heavy duty” (read as really expensive) dandruff shampoo I had gotten and used very sparingly always made my usually very healthy hair crunchy and straw-like.

Common themes: the products were expensive, didn’t work very well, and the health of my hair suffered.

A new plan was needed.

And, since I’ve been on this natural train, I thought I’d give a homemade shampoo a shot to see how that worked out. I figured I could always switch back if things got really crazy or weren’t working out.

The Recipe

  • 1/4 cup of coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup of liquid castille soap
  • 20 drops of essential oil (optional, but it makes it smell pretty!)

(recipe found on Wellness Mama)

I used my tea tree essential oil because I have limited options and because I’m still operating on the assumption that tea tree could help my scalp.

My Review

I was prepared for my hair and scalp to get a little greasy while it was in transition from commercial shampoos to this new, natural shampoo based on what I read. I figured I’d be able to hide and manage greasy hair with my pixie cut and a few bobby pins pretty easily, but I found that that wasn’t really necessary! My hair was only a tiny bit greasy and I was able to blow-dry it, style it, and head out the door as I always do. And this only lasted a couple days. After the first week, my hair felt clean, grease-free, and healthy. My scalp, over the past two months has felt less itchy and, in general, less flaky, excluding a couple persistent dry patches (that I think sprouted up and are persisting because of stress).

No one has noticed that I changed my shampoo (meaning no one has told me I look like I haven’t washed my hair) and the shampoo is successful in cleaning my hair even after a very sweaty gym session. I’d recommend it for sure and I’ve already made a couple new batches to keep my stock going!

Give it a shot and see how you like it!


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