Venturing into DIY

Let’s talk about hair….Which is not a statement I generally make. Considering that my morning hair routine (if you can even call it that) included showering and merely letting my hair air-dry for the majority of my life, talking about hair and hair products has never really been in my wheelhouse. However, I’ve learned A LOT about my hair over the past few years.

This story goes back almost exactly 3 years when I cut 13 inches of my hair off to donate it and became a dedicated follower of the pixie lifestyle. Prior to cutting off all those inches, I don’t think I’d even had my hair cut in over a year and my routine included zero hair products. I realized very quickly after cutting it that I needed to get on the hair products train and figure out some stuff that would work for me.

My hair is fine and thin, and is extremely resistant to curling, but it is, at least, pretty healthy, since I’ve never dyed it and, as mentioned, mostly air-dried it; a couple hairdressers have even described it as “slippery” because it’s so fine and smooth. For the purposes of volumizing, thickening, and generally taming my wispy hair, I’ve tried a variety of products: mousse, pastes, gels, sprays, powders, and even one stick-like product. All were products I’d seen in videos from YouTubers or read about in blogs; all claimed to be the best for fine, thin hair – and most produced only limited success. Nothing seemed to have hold that lasted a full day and many even left my hair so greasy that daily, morning showers were necessary.

Finally, FINALLY, after about 2 and a half years of messing around with products, I found 2 that, when used together, give me just the results I have been searching for: The products have hold; they last in my hair through the end of the day; and my hair is given a texture that allows me to run my fingers through it (and the hold is maintained).

Match made in heaven, right? Right. Well, since I got what I wanted, I quickly found a reason to need something else. Just kidding. In several areas of my life, I’ve begun replacing store-bought products with simpler, homemade products that are more natural, better for the environment, better for my body, and much cheaper. So, despite my love for the hair products I found and their ability to put my little, baby, pixie mane in its place, I was on a mission to find a homemade, diy, natural hair product.

A search on the interwebs produced a multitude of recipes for gels and volumizing sprays and powders. I narrowed the results down to a couple different recipes based, largely, on the amount and types of ingredients needed and how easy it would be to put the recipes together because, let’s be real, if this shit includes 15 obscure ingredients and takes 12 hours to make, it’s not getting made.

I ended up making a texturizing spray.


  • 1 C boiled water
  • 2 TBSP epsom salt


  • Boil the water; add the epsom salt, stirring until it’s dissolved.
  • Pour the mixture into some kind of spritzer or spray bottle.
  • I added 15 drops of tea tree essential oil to the mix, as well, but that’s not required if it doesn’t float your boat.

I’ve been using the spray for 2 weeks now and have a few thoughts so far:

Why I love it:

  • Being only 2 ingredients, it was so easy to make and super quick.
  • If I didn’t often workout in the morning and turn into a sweaty mess, I could probably go shower-free because my hair is so much less greasy when I wake up than it is when I use store-bought hair products.
  • When I’m lazy, I can still put the spray in my damp hair and let it air-dry with similar effects!

What could use improvement:

  • Use a glass spray bottle….or, at the very least, allow the mixture to cool before pouring it into plastic bottles…..That’s operator error, though – not any fault of the spray.
  • I believe the epsom salt leaves a slight residue on my nails and fingers (because I run my hands through my hair pretty frequently). This may be solved by using raw sugar instead of epsom salt, which I saw as a potential alternative.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the results and I’m excited to try making even more natural products for myself and my household! Stay tuned to hear what recipes I try next and my reviews of them!


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