First Date Jitters

The first blog post….a bit awkward, like a first date: What do I say? Am I being funny? Is my opinion valid or important or interesting? Am I rambling (too much)?

Well, unlike a first date, I’m free to be as uninteresting, unfunny, and boring as I like in my blog!

That said, I do hope to keep things interesting! I thought I would snag a little corner of the internet for the purposes of an electronic journal of sorts….Not a “Dear Diary” situation, but a collection of thoughts about a variety of topics. I’ve found myself interested in a lot of different topics lately and I want to share my research and thoughts on what I find.

Generally, you introduce yourself on a first date, too: Hi, I’m Jenn. I like lots of things, but these are a few of my favorite things:

  • Dogs – particularly my furbaby, Ruby
  • Slinging weights around the gym. With just my left pinky finger.
  • Saving the world one homemade, green living product at a time
  • Strong, independent, empowered women
  • The man who created the Pfeffernuesse Flamingo nickname
  • And the usual family, traveling, Netflix

Enjoy the blog!


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